Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suggested Listening #5

So, after missing a day of Suggested Listening, we come back with the fifth installment. Today's suggested listening is Social Dancing, the second full-length album from Scottish pop-punk/electronic group bis (and yes, that's in lower-case). You've probably heard bis if you've ever watched the PowerPuff Girls (they did the ending theme for the Cartoon Network series). While that song, catchy and energetic, gives listeners a good idea of the sound of some of the music bis recorded in their short time together as a band, there is so much more to their music that deserves to be heard.

Social Dancing offers a great range of music, while the band never lets up with their relentless energy. They're obviously past the PowerPuff Girls theme stage in their musical careers, and they step up and offer an album that features great diversity within the pop-punk idiom while still mantaining their youthful energy as exhibited in their first album, The New Tranistor Heroes, and in the PPG theme. This album, along with the 2000 EP entitled Music For A Stranger World, set the stage for their final album, Return To Central, which will be discussed later on.

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