Monday, May 18, 2009

Back To Blogging

So, after taking a "little break" from blogging, I went on and took a big break. But now I'm back. What's new for Expect the following entries:

Fastball- Little White Lies album and concert review
Composition updates
Readings posts
Bands bands bands! The trials and tribulations of practicing, recording, performing, and not having enough money for beer.

So, a couple of tidbits.

The readings went really well, but I have yet to get recordings of the concert band and choir. The orchestra reading I got doesn't have a complete run-through, so I have to sit down one day and edit a bunch of takes into one take, which sounds a lot less fun than it will be. The choir and the wind ensemble gave me a solid run-through. The choir one especially rocked.

I'm working hard on some more compositions. I want to get around to writing a string quartet this summer, but for now I'm kind of stuck on electronic music. I'll be starting a music tech course today, so I'll get to learn more about that.

Expect recordings of Double Vision soon. One track is pretty close to being done. We'll have that on our myspace once we finish it. :) In the meantime, it's time to practice.

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