Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skratch Magazine- The Final Word

After working for them for about a month and a half (between September and October), I've come to realize that these guys are nothing more than scammers. They swindle young artists. $600 to put three tracks alongside tracks from 50 other bands is a ripoff. Your music gets lost among the CDs, which come out in droves. Sure, they go to record labels, but the chances of the execs actually paying attention to YOUR track are slim. When potential clients ask about bands who found sucess through the compilations, I was supposed to tell them to look up the testimonials on the site. There are only five. 5 testimonials after 51 CDs with about 50 bands on each. A very small proportion.

Basically, I quit after realizing that what you get for what you pay is very little. In the weeks before I quit, I constantly worried about my lack of sales. Why was no one going in for this offer, which promised widespread distribution? Guess what? I'm sure the record execs don't even care about the CDs. Scouts from the magazine send messages to just about every band- they don't pick bands who they think are worthy, they ask everybody to participate. Basically, you get on if you have the money, not the talent. The execs know this. Thus, your chances of being heard are slim. There is no quality control.

Bands, this offer is a rip-off. If you work hard to promote yourself, you have more of a chance of being heard. It might take a long time to get anywhere. But would you rather blow hundreds of dollars and be in the same place after the compilation is released? I know Double Vision is NEVER going to buy into this crap. We don't need these people. I'm sorry for attempting to sell out my fellow musicians. The best I feel I can do now is stop anybody considering this offer, and tell them they are better off spending their money on merch, touring, and gear.

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