Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Upcoming graduation...

In honor of my upcoming graduation from college, I'm going to revamp this blog to include new things... such as my adventures in the "real world", whatever that may be. Plus, I really want to get into painting and lomography. Plus, I will probably have more time to write in this darn thing.

Stay tuned for the BIG COLLEGE RECAP... last performances, fond memories, maybe some not-so-fond ones (what, really, a 65 on my fugue assignment??). Of course, I have to get into the Verdi and Comp Recital thing. Indeed.

For now, today is my last Harry Partch performance... my group will be performing "Soldiers", one of Partch's Eleven Intrusions. Of course, I will be playing adapted guitar, given the choice between an instrument I am bound to break and a totally awesome slide guitar.

This week at MSU- Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Campus Band, and MSU Chorale and Singers. We will be performing Saint Nicolas by Benjamin Britten in Chorale, which will be my last of about seven major chorale performances (and a handful of small ones). So many last shows this month. Jazz guitar night last Thursday, Partch today, Chorale on Saturday, jazz big band next week. I'm gonna miss them when I'm living in a box under the Brooklyn Bridge.

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