Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yeah, I think I'm seriously billing my comp recital as THE COMP RECITAL OF THE FUTURE. Spring '10 ho!!

Well, I'm at home, trying to take it easy for a couple of days. You know, showin' up to work whenever I want* and finally getting around to some choice musical projects is just what the doctor ordered right now. I have a senior recital to start planning for next year. Next year brings many good things- my comp recital, graduation, new episodes of Futurama (ya srsly), and hopefully some kick-ass Double Vision tracks.

So, this is what I've been tooling around with for the last week or two- Max MSP. Download it and try it out. Or if you are interested, I'll see if I can send you my patch that uses an NES controller (hooked up to a USB converter) as a musical instrument. If all goes well, I hope to include some musical Max MSP programs I write as part of an exhibition at my recital.

I figure I'll need the summer to really get the program and other plans for the recital together- I'll be far too lazy to do it over winter break.

*Not really

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