Sunday, June 21, 2009

Test test, anybody out there?

It's late. And while I should be in bed, I'm still up. The alarm goes off at five thirty tomorrow, and it won't be pretty. I hate being without my car right now. The train rides are far too long, but at least they give me time to maybe compose or catch up on some reading. Speaking of reading, check out this book.

You see the flyer to the left? You need to go. Check out the Annex website for details. Check all over NYC for flyers.

Maybe I need something here to fill up this space. Listed below are some random thoughts:

-It's such as shame that the shittiest song ever written, MacArthur Park, has such an unconventional chord progression. Somebody needs to put that to good use.
-The best thing I've found I can do with violins is give them pizzicato parts. The next best thing is giving them screechy minor second dissonances. Maybe I can even get away with quarter tone dissonances in my next piece.
-Writing a piece based on "Porky In Wackyland" was an awesome idea. :)
-Fuck you, Youtube, for taking down "Porky In Wackyland".

And with that, good night.

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