Friday, August 28, 2009

NYC Venues- Parkside Lounge

So, let's start off with one of the better venues in NYC- Parkside Lounge. Everything here is great- the staff most importantly, plus the house equipment. They booked our band and admitted that they did not usually book punk bands. Still, they made a concerted effort to help us in every way. Plus they actually give bands beer and water, which many places don't do. Even other places, while they charge a cover, find ways not to pay you, and then they make you pay for drinks. Parkside isn't into that. You don't get paid for the show, so the least a venue can do is give you some beer (as well as a proper sound check, thanks). If you're ever by E.Houston and you want to check out a cool music venue, drop by Parkside for their variety of live acts and their cool atmosphere. Bands looking for a place to play in NYC should DEFINITELY consider Parkside to host their music.

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