Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day

Well, summer vacation will officially be over in less than twenty-four hours. The music students will finally get to move into the new building tomorrow. I think. There might be no electricity or something, but it's good to see that the construction crews busted their asses over the summer to get this building up and running. Even if it was promised for Fall 2008.

Right now, the following list comprises of the new facilities we are supposed to have. Or at least the ones I've heard about.

  1. New comp lab w/private seminar room
  2. New piano labs
  3. All STEINWAY pianos
  4. Brand new recital hall, however, not open until October 2009
  5. Separate choir room, band room, orchestra room
  6. Guitar lab
  7. Plenty of practice rooms and lockers
  8. Swimming pool and open bar
Oh wait, the last one is just wishful thinking.

Now, I'm off to Sweetest Sounds to get me a conductor's baton.

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