Friday, September 4, 2009

Let me tell you all/none a story and or ramble about my day

I covered a shift at work last night in order to help out a co-worker. I always feel creative after a late shift at work, being unable to express my creativity much through windexing fridges and mopping floors. Thus, I found myself awake till two AM, working on some tracks and compositions. Plus, Futurama was on T.V.

For the second day in a row, a construction crew planted itself outside my bedroom window and banged around at some concrete. Mind you, this is at seven thirty AM. I thrashed my pillow on my mattress and stormed around downstairs for a few minutes. After this display of sleepy rage, I returned to my bedroom, jammed some earbuds in my ears, and fell asleep again.

Four hours later, I awoke to discover I needed to be in my composition seminar in thirty minutes. I got out the door pretty quickly, being quite skilled in the art of getting dressed and getting out the door in ten minutes (this feat is usually done at three-thirty A.M in the dark). Everything was going without too much of a problem, until I arrived at school to find the PARKING DECK WAS CLOSED.

Thus, I had to park way the hell on the other side of campus, far from our fancy new floorless building. I barely ate anything all day, which usually makes me feel cranky, but we're singing Verdi Requiem in choir, which actually kind of makes me feel better. Plus, we had a great discussion in music history about what really defines history and truths. Gave me some food for thought. Then when I got home, I discovered we had wheat thins and spicey hummus, which is obviously the highlight of my day.

Does any of this make sense? Of course not. But I hope I can take this stream of conciousness style of writing and apply it to my music. Right now. In this, errr, delirious state of mind. After practicing piano for this jury. Let's see how it goes.

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