Friday, June 11, 2010

First Coffeehouse Performance

So yesterday, I performed solo for the first time at the open mike Tierney's holds every Thursday. And now, I can check out this site for more open mikes. I performed a cover of "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", debuted "Thursday Night Open Mike" (they got a kick out of that), and since I had a little extra time, strummed out a version of "Sunday, Sunday Sunrise".

The experience was great! This will really help me become more at ease with performing solo- it'll also help me out with stage presence, etc. The only way to build stage presence is to perform, perform, perform, and perform some more. For example- there's an instrumental segment of the Thursday song... I didn't think till it was almost over to ask people to clap throughout it, so I'm not just looking like I forgot the words or something. And that's good to know for next week, when I hopefully perform the song at the High Tech High School Alumni Cabaret. Again, stage presence only comes from playing more shows. I hope to make open mikes a regular part of my musical regiment- to prepare a short set every week and have it ready to go.

Anyway, tentative set for next time

1. Pyscho Killer
2. Tempted
3. TV on Tuesday
4. Sweetest Sound

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