Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Secret E.P Hiatus

Since I am putting a ton of work into my Weekly Song Cycle, I am going to put a hiatus on the Secret E.P. Since there is a lot of writing for bigger ensembles on that record, it would make a lot more sense to record it with more resources, i.e: a studio, money, and more musicians. So for now, it's all Weekly Song Cycle.

But, the Weekly Song Cycle will also include a few other songs as a "B Side"... so now I can call the whole thing "The Weekly Song Cycle and Other Stories".

Basically, the first eight tracks will include the song cycle, and there will be a few other tracks included. Travel Song, originally featured on the Secret E.P, will appear here instead, along with an acoustic version of Sweetest Sounds. Another song, a new song, will also be featured. More to come on this new(ish) project. For now, some lyrical selections from the Weekly Song Cycle.

I see no reason to go out
It's raining
I'm tired
and I'm broke

I'll watch some reruns of Cheers and Scrubs
and old school South Park
with all the dirty words bleeped out.

-TV On Tuesday


He sings a song about the city
then another one about his little bird
Then he dedicates one to the ladies
and plays me a song that I've never heard, never heard...

-Thursday Night Open Mike

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