Friday, May 28, 2010

Serious Day Off

Some things got canceled, so now I have an ENTIRE DAY OFF. What the hell am I supposed to do if I don't have work or some sort of rehearsal?

I know! I'll record.

And check out grad schools, after having been told on Wednesday that a lot of big auditions are in December. I'm not a hundred percent sure if I'll be at the point I want to be at by then. Though I'm working on my E.P diligently, I haven't worked on a new classical piece in a while. I've got some sketches... I'm sure something will come to me soon. I had a busy semester at school, and got a lot done. Speaking of which, I should hopefully have a recording of my piano trio up at the myspace page soon. For now, check out some of the great pieces that are up there already.

Already finished my resume for Sweetest Sounds. Hopefully I get to teach there. I feel like I am doing a great job giving guitar lessons already- I see lots of progress being made in a short period.

So anyway, back to recording... gonna hit "On Mondays I Get The Band Together" right now. I'm tempted to head into the city though... but I do have to record.

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